Robert Swinson

I enjoy looking after a wide range of patients and helping them become dentally healthy. To be able to do this in a relaxed way this enough time to explain and reassure patients has been central to looking after our happy patients.

When choosing what course to take at University I was interested in Medicine and Engineering. I combined the two and got dentistry. These two areas have kept me interested in dentistry which I enjoy.

I trained in Newcastle which was a wonderful place to live and learn. The course was interesting and gave an excellent start in our profession.

After a year in Teesside, I was in Farnborough where I worked for 7 years before coming to Cheltenham to set up Hilltop Dental Practice with my wife Gillian. I am currently Chairman of the Gloucestershire British Dental Association. I have been involved with other local dental organisations in the past that help to improve the dental care in the area.

I enjoy helping patients reach dental stability. This is so important. I would much prefer patients not to be concerned about unexpected problems occurring. It is very rewarding to see patients come from having continual trouble to being able to rely on their teeth. This is team effort evolving everyone at Hilltop and the patient.

We have always aimed to make the practice as friendly as possible. Many patients comment on how friendly and welcoming all the team are.

When not at work I enjoy keeping health walking, running and cycling. We also enjoy sailing when we can

I look forward to continuing to embrace new technology to make patients experiences better.