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Robert and Gillian started Hilltop Dental Practice in 1998. Having visited Cheltenham the previous year, and fallen in love with the town, they decided to move here with their young family and start their own dental practice. Many hours were spent driving around the area, with a printed map in the front of the car and a toddler in the back.

They found the characterful Edwardian house called ‘Euroclydon’ on Tommy Taylors Lane. Six months later, Hilltop Dental Practice was opened.

Gillian and Robert lived on site with their young children for 2 years – ‘living above the shop’ – so to speak. The dental practice was on the first floor. Hilltop Dental has now expanded into the whole building. We now offer a downstairs surgery, reception, waiting room and toilet facilities.

They pride themselves on running Hilltop Dental Practice with a passion to do things right. A close-knit team works together to provide dental care for our patients.

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