Laura Wilbraham


As a teenager I knew I wanted to work in the medical field. Many of my extended family were Doctors but, I did not fancy seeing ill people all day! I looked into Dentistry and did work experience and then I was sure Dentistry was for me and luckily I feel I chose the right career.

My undergraduate degree was at the University of Sheffield. It was a great place to study and I am still in touch with many friends I met there in and out of Dentistry. I met my husband there and we have recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

My career to date has spanned NHS General Dental Practice, Hospital Dentistry, Community Dentistry and Private Dental Practice. I have been working in Private Dentistry for the last 9 years.

I completed the MFDS (Member Faculty of Dental Surgery) Examination in 2006 and the Royal College of Surgeons Diploma in Restorative Dentistry in 2009. I have always enjoyed keeping up to date. I have done many courses including the Invisalign tooth straightening system (2014) and more recently a Digital Dentistry course on 3D scanning and milling crowns (2018) which enables me to provide crowns for patients in one appointment.

I am a member of the British Dental Association, the Royal College of Surgeons and the Gloucestershire Independent Dentists. I frequently attend day courses run by the latter which have varied topics ranging from infection control to minimum intervention dentistry to spotting oral cancer.

I enjoy the variety of my job- each day is different, interesting and rewarding. Some procedures may be similar but, it’s not the teeth we treat but, the patients as a whole. Getting to know the patients, putting them at ease, giving healthcare advice and ensuring the patient understands what they need and why is important to me.

If I had to say what I really enjoyed doing it would be composite work (tooth coloured filling materials). These materials have come on so much since I have graduated and it is so satisfying to carry out minimally invasive dentistry whilst providing amazing improvements in patient’s smiles.

I also enjoy providing Invisalign. It enables patients to have the straight teeth they always dreamed of and is nearly invisible.

I was very pleased to get the position at Hilltop Dental Practice in 2010 when I moved from Nottingham to Cheltenham. Having met Robert and Gillian Swinson I knew this was the kind of practice I was looking for. I shared their vision of wanting to provide excellent dentistry in a wonderful caring, friendly environment using all the latest materials and gadgets!

I am lucky to work part time currently and love spending time with my 3 and 5 year old. I also have always loved exercising and enjoy running, swimming and cycling. I have grown up sailing and feel very happy on the water whether I am windsurfing, sailing or surfing however, currently I don’t seem have much time for these! I have done a few triathlons and some combined sailing / running races.

I will always strive to provide the most up to date Dentistry by continuing to attend postgraduate courses. The developments recently with the ability to scan the teeth and mill crowns in surgery is exciting and this field is continuing to develop fast. I look forward to being involved in Digital Dentistry of the future.